Our Story

Audella is a brand deeply rooted in the desire to support and uplift women, regardless of their background or lifestyle. Audella athleisure wear is made with technical fabrics, designed to provide comfort, support, and versatility. We are proud to have all our garments manufactured by African women, so when you’re buying a garment, you’re not only buying a piece of clothing, but you’re also playing an active role in empowering these South African women, generating opportunities to provide futures for themselves and their families. Our athleisure wear is designed for modern women who want to feel motivated and confident in garments which are versatile enough for the various moments of your day, whether you are exercising, staying home or casually out and about.


Audella’s vision is centered around women.

We believe in the power of unifying women of all backgrounds, cultures, & socio-economic status. Research shows that empowering and investing in women results in positive effects on their income, their families’ welfare, nutrition, health, and education, which in turn result in long-term positive changes within their communities.

We believe our clothing can empower women; the women involved in design, those involved in manufacturing, and those women who wear, love, and support the brand. We hope that when you wear Audella you will feel confident, empowered, and inspired to take meaningful action in connecting with the women in your own communities, so that together we can build a legacy for future generations.

"We are different so that we can know our need of one another, for no one is ultimately self-sufficient” -Desmond Tutu (1999)

As a Pilates studio owner, mom, and wife, I noticed I had a need for versatile, daily wear which was not only functional for my lifestyle, but also allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in what I was wearing. This is what inspired the idea for Audella Athleisure wear. My efforts in building this brand are focused on empowering women and I define success as prosperity beyond myself and beyond the Audella brand; prosperity in the sense that every woman, whether involved in the manufacturing or wearing of Audella garments will feel valued and motivated.”