Our Story

Audella is a brand deeply rooted in the desire to support women in their everyday active lifestyle. Our athleisure wear is designed for modern women who live a consciously healthy life and want to feel motivated and strong in their daywear.  These garments have the power to translate to each part of your day for every woman who values comfort and well-being.

We create our collections in small, mindful batches and all products are produced in an ethical and sustainable way. Our fabric is technical, innovative & comfortable - whether you are working out, relaxing at home or at a casual date.

Audella is proud to have all our garments manufactured by local South African women, so when you’re buying a garment, you’re not only buying a piece of clothing, but you’re also playing an active role in empowering these South African women who sew every stitch with love.

"We are different so that we can know our need of one another, for no one is ultimately self-sufficient”
- Desmond Tutu (1999)